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Do You Need a Dedicated Father’s Rights Firm?

DADvocacy™ | February 3, 2020

Why Choose A Dedicated Father’s Rights Firm?

Our legislative/political and policy positions are pro-dad. We never have to take a position in court contrary to our pro-dad objectives. Our most important objective is making 50/50 parenting a legal rebuttable presumption in Florida, just as Shared Parental Responsibility and Child Support are legal rebuttable presumptions under Florida statutes.

We never have to talk out of both sides of our mouths. For example, some lawyers may argue that dads are capable of caring for newborn infants one day, and then the next day, in a hearing representing a mom, argue that they are not.

The more clients we have with similar problems, the more we learn, the more the judges learn. Hands on fatherhood is not new, but it is new to law and new to mainstream media. Old stereotypes are hard to overcome, but each father we represent is helped by the ones who came before him. In turn, that father helps those fathers who come after. After decades in the field, we can see the tide turning to equalize the role of parents.

Why Choose DADvocacy?

  • Dedicated and created to serve middle and working-class fathers. We sell the services you need, and nothing extra.
  • We offer discounts for prior clients, active and retired military, first responders and sanitation workers.
  • Most cases qualify for flat fee, unbundled services packages.
  • Free initial consultation. Litigation can be harder than surgery. Getting a second and maybe a third opinion helps you choose a lawyer who is the right fit. Our free initial consultation helps you do that.
  • Our lawyers and paralegals work here, we do not use coverage counsel. Our lawyers work only for DADvocacy.
  • Online and email programs offer additional discounts and speed up the litigation process.


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