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The term paternity refers to the legal state of being a father. When paternity is established, a man is recognized as the legal parent of a child and has specific rights and responsibilities as a result. It is important to understand exactly how paternity may affect you and how to proceed with establishing or challenging paternity, depending on the situation and your needs.

Representing fathers and alleged fathers across the greater Miami area, DADvocacy™ Law Firm is committed to providing quality legal counsel on a flat-fee basis. We understand what it at stake in paternity proceedings and use decades of experience and considerable knowledge to effectively represent our clients’ best interests.

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How Paternity Affects Custody, Visitation & Support

If paternity is effectively established, it will influence child custody, visitation, and child support. Your finances and your relationship with your children may be at stake, and that is why our Miami paternity attorneys are so passionate about asserting our clients’ rights in these matters. Whether you are a father or an alleged father, we can help.

When paternity is established:

  • A father may be required to pay child support to the mother.
  • A father may be entitled to custody of his child.
  • A father may be entitled to visitation with his child.
  • A father may be entitled to shared parental responsibility of the child.
  • If a father assumes custody, he may be entitled to child support from the mother.

DADvocacy™ Law Firm exclusively represents fathers in family law proceedings. We recognize the need to level the playing field for fathers in a system that seems to favor mothers in custody, support, and visitation proceedings. Our attorneys are here to help with your paternity case.

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