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Miami Child Support Attorneys

Ensuring Fair Representation for Fathers in Florida

It can be difficult to understand how child support is calculated, how it is enforced, and how it can be reduced based on custody or visitation (now referred to as timesharing in Florida). At DADvocacy™ Law Firm, our skilled child support lawyers are here to protect your rights as a father in child support proceedings. We are here to answer your questions and to represent your interests so both your financial stability and relationship with your children are protected.

As experienced child support attorneys in Miami, we handle child support cases involving driver’s license suspension, wage garnishment, pursuing reductions of child support, contempt proceedings, and more. The family law team at DADvocacy™ Law Firm is highly experienced in these matters and is completely committed to pursuing an ideal result in every case we handle.

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Our Child Support Services for Fathers

There are many services we provide for fathers dealing with child support proceedings, specifically those involving enforcement. Because we provide these for a flat fee, you can accurately budget for your legal counsel and can plan for the future.

Some of the types of motions we handle include:

  • Motion for contempt
  • Motion to prevent suspension of driver’s license
  • Motion to reinstate suspended driver’s license
  • Motion to quash writ of bodily attachment

We can offer the following services for a flat fee:

  • Motion pleading
  • Notice of hearing
  • Request for hearing
  • Co-drafting and review of Order
  • Attendance at a hearing on the matter
  • Co-drafting and review of Report of Hearing Officer/General Magistrate
  • Phone conferences, faxes, or emails to Assistant State Attorney or Judicial Assistant
  • All postage and copies related to the above sent to you

How Custody & Visitation Affect Child Support for Fathers in Miami, FL

Your parenting plan, which includes your custody and visitation arrangement with the mother of your child or children, will influence your child support arrangement. Your income and the mother’s income will also affect what amount of child support you may be entitled to receive or required to pay. Our Miami child support attorneys understand the intricacies of Florida’s child support laws and will work diligently to make sure they are applied to your benefit.

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Commonly Used Acronyms in Child Support Proceedings

  • ASA: Assistant State Attorney
  • CD: Central Depository
  • CSE: Child Support Enforcement
  • DOR: Department of Revenue
  • DMV: Department of Motor Vehicles
  • GM: General Magistrate
  • HO: Hearing Officer
  • IDO: Income Deduction Order
  • JA: Judicial Assistant
  • NOH: Notice of Hearing
  • SAO: State Attorney’s Office

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