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Cases We Accept

Now that you have found us, will we take your case? Maybe. Because we seek a sterling reputation for our firm and the good fathers we serve, we decline more cases than we accept. By keeping our firm selective, judges know that we stand for loving, involved, responsible dads. We are also very committed to earning our fee from cases with a good likelihood of success, as single parenthood is hard enough without the financial burden of a losing case.

Lastly, we feel that some judges need to be held to task, when we do that, by filing complaints or bringing our concerns to higher-ups, we risk the vindictive nature of some judges, who will punish our clients. For cases before those judges, dads and their children are better served with a different firm.

We cannot accept cases with the following issues

  1. Active criminal charges against dad for any violent crime or drug related crime.
  2. Any case involving a prior conviction for a violent crime or drug related crime after the children in the relevant case were born. For crimes occurring before the birth of the children, this is okay, judges know we all straighten up for the sake of our kids.
  3. Any case with more than 3 prior attorneys for dad. We cannot help as the history of the case has become very messy. Cases involving two prior attorneys being involved require special funding.
  4. A case involving failure to pay support without the following forgivable
    1. change of children’s residence.
    2. total disappearance of mom, with or without the disappearance of kids.
    3. unemployment.
    4. illness/injury.
    5. temporary withholding of funds when mom is likely using the funds to feed an addiction.
  5. Any case with a prior charging lien against dad by any attorney who previously represented dad.
  6. Any case where we have represented the client before, and there was a failure to cooperate with DADvocacy policies.

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