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Tips for Fathers: How to Win Child Custody

DADvocacy™ | January 31, 2019

Fathers have just as much a right to be a parent to their children as mothers do and, although courts recognize that it is in the best interests of children for both parents to be involved in their upbringing, fathers still have a substantially more difficult time in family court than mothers do. To overcome these challenges, it is imperative to hire skilled legal counsel.

Additionally, we have compiled a list of tips that will assist you as you fight for custody of your child:

  • Faithfully pay your child support payments: If you fail to keep up with your child support payments, this could be interpreted as a lack of interest in raising your child, so it is important to always make sure you are current on these payments. Keep organized and thorough records of your payments and, if making these payments becomes too much of a struggle, consider making a request for modification. A judge will be understanding if your circumstances no longer allow you to make the payments that were dictated in the original court order, but failing to make them at all without any request for modification will not go over well in court.
  • Build a strong relationship with your child: If your child is not in your custody, you need to do all that you can to maintain a strong relationship by calling and visiting whenever it is possible. This will help reassure them that, despite the circumstances, you are still there for them.
  • Maintain records: During your pursuit for child custody, you will be asked to demonstrate your involvement in your child’s life. To support your claims, you should keep excellent records of your visitation schedule, parenting plans, and other ways in which you are involved in your child’s life.
  • Attend meetings and events: If your child has an important event coming up, whether it be social, educational, or religious, it is important that you show your level of commitment to them by being there for them and supporting them. Attend your child’s school plays, sports games, and parent-teacher meetings. The court will view this level of involvement as a strong indicator that you have a meaningful relationship with your child.
  • Prepare space for them: If you want your child in your life, you need to show that you have made space for him or her. Even if your apartment is small, carve out a special place for your child. Not only will this make your child feel like he or she belongs in your life, but the court will also want to know that you have made accommodations for your child.
  • Have a plan for your child’s needs: The judge on your case will want to know about the plans you have for your child’s continuing care and support. Be prepared to answer these questions and to produce records that can support any claims you might make regarding your financial resources.

Compassionate Family Law Attorneys in Miami

If you are seeking child custody or visitation rights, it is crucial that you have a skilled legal advocate on your side, fighting on your behalf and protecting your rights as a father. At DADvocacy™ Law Firm in Miami, we believe that fathers should be viewed as equal to mothers in family law matters, which is why our legal team is solely committed to assisting fathers through divorce, child custody, visitation, paternity cases, prenuptial agreements, and child support.

Get started on your family law case today and reach out to our law firm at (305) 371-7640 to request a free initial case evaluation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.


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