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Family Law Lawyers: Have you heard about the Child Support Guidelines Math Glitch?

DADvocacy™ | May 18, 2015

Sometimes online or other automated Florida child support calculators don’t seem to come out quite right, and it appears that substantial visitation actually increases the support amount instead of decreasing it, which is the intent of lawmakers. The glitch in the child support calculation appears whenever a parent’s percentage of combined net income is more than three times that parent’s percentage of overnights. For example, the calculations for a parent who has the children 25% of the overnights and also has 80% of the parents’ combined net income would show a greater amount of child support due under the substantial shared parenting calculation than under the regular calculation. (3 times 25 is 75 and 80 is greater than 75). When you are working with a family meeting this set of circumstances, it is better to calculate by hand, and advise the court that you have a case that falls into this glitch.


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