Emily Dunn

Emily DunnAn associate attorney at DADvocacy™ Law Firm, Emily Dunn is a passionate advocate for fathers and families across the Miami area. She strives to resolve disputes while maintaining parties’ long-term relationships by bringing a cooperative approach to the table.

At the young age of twelve, Emily developed a unique perspective on the importance of intact families and experienced for herself the devastation that follows when families are torn apart. She felt called to become an attorney and assist families as they tread the often volatile ground between marriage and divorce. Because of her particular experiences as a child, she always makes legal recommendations to her clients with the children’s best interests in mind.

Emily received the Presidential Scholarship and attended the University of Tulsa in her hometown of Tulsa, OK. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and graduated cum laude in 2009. After graduation, she married a United States Coastguardsman, of whom she is very proud. Emily then attended Regent University School of Law, where she invested her time in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Board. Emily studied negotiation practices and became proficient in identifying issues and creating solutions that respect family relationships. Emily graduated from Regent University School of Law in May of 2013, and went on to take the Virginia Bar Exam and the Florida Bar Exam.

At DADvocacy™ Law Firm, Emily works with fathers who are eager to establish their paternity and a regular pattern of timesharing with their children. She helps fathers navigate issues unique to them, such as being the primary earner obligated to work shifts that restrict their ability to pick up children from school or be involved in extracurricular activities; coping with a reduction in income after child support has been set; figuring out who their support system is and how to manage scheduling issues; and learning how to communicate and co-parent with their children’s mother after their own personal relationship has deteriorated.

Emily is licensed to practice in both Virginia and Florida, and currently resides in Miami, FL with her husband, Rusty, and son, James.


  • University of Tulsa – Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration 2009
  • Regent University School of Law 2013

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