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Being a dad in a divorce is hard. Society is quick to paint you as someone who doesn’t care much about raising a kid just because you’re a man. Your own friends and family might even end up siding with your ex-wife because they quickly misjudged you, or bought too far into what she told them.

Here at DADvocacy™ Law Firm, we know and believe that every dad should have a fair chance to keep doing what he loves most after his divorce ends: being a dad. We are proud to be a fathers’ rights law firm in Fort Lauderdale that has tailored services for fathers in particular. Our directed approach allows us to quickly address any issues in your case and get right to work on finding the best solution for you and your child.

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  • Our flat rate fees make great legal services affordable.
  • Our bilingual attorneys proudly serve the Spanish community.
  • We have more than 30 years of collective legal experience.
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How He Help Dads Through Divorce

Entering into a family law dispute with your wife can bring up any number of questions and concerns. Most of them will probably deal with your child or children, and who will care for them after a divorce or legal separation. To make certain you are ready for the road ahead and all the troubles it can bring, team up with DADvocacy™ Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale. Our attorneys are here to give you the legal counsel and moral support you deserve as a loving father.

Practice areas we can help with vary, such as:

  • Child custody: Perhaps the most important part of any divorce between parents, child custody will determine who gets to live with and raise your child. Make certain you get to be part of your child’s future by letting us represent you during child custody procedures.
  • Child support: Taking care of your child means being able to support them financially. We can help establish or argue for a fair child support amount, whether you are the payer or recipient.
  • Visitation: Fathers who do not get a good child custody agreement may still see their child through routine visitation, such as on weekend, birthdays, or major holidays.
  • Prenups: Much of your divorce can be pre-decided with a prenuptial agreement signed before you ever get married. Call 1.800.925.Fathers to ask us about the benefits of a prenup and how to bring it up to your fiancée.
  • Paternity: Do you need to prove that you are the father of your child? It comes up more often than you might think. We can assist you with paternity cases to validate your connection to your child before the court.

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