Passport Suspension & Child Support Delinquency

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If you are paying child support and fall behind on payments, resulting a delinquency of $2,500 or more, the U.S. Department of State can initiate proceedings to suspend your passport. This is a complex matter that needs to be addressed immediately by a skilled Miami child support attorney. There are steps you can take to have your passport reinstated, but full payment of child support will most likely be required. Call DADvocacy™ Law Firm at (305) 371-7640.

As Miami fathers’ rights lawyers, we at DADvocacy™ Law Firm understand how passport suspension proceedings are initiated. We help fathers whose passports have already been suspended and can also work to prevent suspension in the first place. These cases involve dealing with state and federal government agencies, but we are well-equipped to assert your rights to the fullest extent. We can also help if you need to initiate child support enforcement proceedings as a recipient of support.

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U.S. CSE Passport Suspension Proceedings

Passport suspension is made possible by the United States Child Support Enforcement Program (CSE), which is a partnership between local, state, and federal governments created to make the enforcement of child support easier and more effective. CSE offers help to parents entitled to receive child support and may employ various collection methods, including wage garnishment, tax refund seizure, and driver’s license suspension. If the amount of child support owed exceeds $2,500, harsher penalties may be employed. Passport revocation is one of these.

If your case has been referred to the Passport Denial Program and your passport revoked, you will need to:

  • Pay the entire past due balance of child support owed; or
  • Enter into an approved payment arrangement.

Only then will the CSE notify the Passport Denial Program and have your name removed from the child support arrearage list. You can then travel on your current passport or apply for a new one, or if you applied while you were on the list, Passport Services will have the authorization to continue processing your application.

Our practiced Miami child support attorney at DADvocacy™ Law Firm can help you make informed choices about your passport suspension case. These are serious matters and must be dealt with immediately and in accordance with the law. We believe taking a proactive approach is the best way to deal with passport revocation.

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