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Understanding Your Bill

DADvocacy™ | February 25, 2021

We hope our clients do not get sticker shock when they receive their bills. To do this, we want you to know how to read your bill and understand how and why you are being charged.

Hourly clients will receive an itemized bill at the end of every month. It is important to understand your bill and see the work done on your case. Hourly clients get billed for every hour an attorney/paralegal works on your case. Your retainer with the firm will outline how much that specified hourly rate is.

Below you will see helpful ways to read your bill:

Fees vs. Costs:

  • Fees:
    • Charges incurred for legal work performed by the lawyer/paralegal in association with your case.
  • Costs:


  • Time spent on your case is billed at 6-minute increments.
    • .1 = 6 minutes
    • .5= 30 minutes
    • 1 = 1 hour 

Acronyms you might see on your bill

  • CMC- Case Management Conference
  • CS- Child Support
  • GLINES- Child Support Guidelines
  • JA-Judicial Assistant
  • MOCAL- Motion Calendar
  • NOH- Notice of Hearing
  • N/C- No Charge (we did work for free on your case and you were not billed)
  • OC- Opposing Counsel
  • PC- Phone Call
  • UCD- Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage
  • ROGM- Report of General Magistrate

Here at DADvocacy™ we send out our bills monthly on work performed in your case. Each item you are charged for will have a description. For example: PC with OC on Settlement Negotiations on temporary timesharing or Draft Motion for Temporary Relief. We want you to understand your bill. Should you have any questions please let us know.





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