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Pricing at DADvocacy. How Does it Work?

DADvocacy™ | April 15, 2015

All of our cases are priced with regard to the following issues:

The history of the case, including negative involvement of the Domestic Violence Unit, Department of Children and Families, the police and criminal court system.

Assignment of third party professionals such as Guardians, mediators, parent coordinators, psychologists.

Client’s candor with regard to criminal background, drug use, etc.

The urgency of the matter and the need to move the case ahead of previously set obligations on other cases.

The location of the case, Broward cases cost more as the Broward system for viewing docket activity cannot be viewed online and must be viewed in person.

The assigned judge, as some judges require mandatory case management conferences.

The complexity of the disclosure by both parties, and any suspected hidden assets or income on either side.

Any prior work done pro se or predecessor counsel that can be used and relied upon. Conversely, prior work that hurts the intended strategy and likelihood of withdrawal or prior pleadings.

Available discounts such as those for military members, teenaged fathers, prior clients.

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